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SolarChange is interested to engage agents home and abroad especially in Africa, Asia and South America.

Since the emergence of energy and environmental problems became more and more prominent, solar products regain its recognitions for its pollution-free,noise-free,removeable mobile simple, would not undermine the environment and not subject to geographical restrictions. Solar systems, solar panel, solar lantern, solar lawn light have been widely used in construction, camping, garden and daily life.

SolarChange closely follows the developing steps of the world to research the solar series products meeting environment protection requirements. Due to the high efficiency, low-carbon and environmental protection, high quality, SolarChange’s products have won a good reputation in America, Africa, Middle East, India and other countries and regions.

We sincerely hope to become your long-term supplier and make a bright future together with you.


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About Us

SolarChange focuses on providing reliable and environmental solar lighting solution for several hundred million people of off-grid areas. We commit ourselves to improve the life of people in off-grid areas of the world.

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